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[b]No, I don't mean a comic update, I'm just here to tell you the comic is NOT dead.
I had to wipe my hard drive over the holidays so I lost my Adobe Photoshop 7 program, which means I have to reinstall it all over again which is proving a bit difficult at the moment.
So bear with me and there should be a comic soon enough.

On another note, if there are any Mighty Boosh fans here, there is a Role-Playing site where you can play as the characters. The site is currently looking for people to play as some of the main characters and the original people that played them are MIA.
Here is the site: http://booshyrpg.proboards56.com/index.cgi
Just create a regular profile and ask for a character in this thread:http://booshyrpg.proboards56.com/index.cgi?board=characterclaim&action=display&thread=1195299176

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